Delivering bottom line growth through Strategic Marketing and Product Management

Bridging technical and commercial teams to drive
the change your business needs to succeed.

Growth Strategy
New Product Introduction
Portfolio Optimisation
Cost Reduction
Marketing Activation


With both a scientific and marketing background, my work covers a broad scope of activities from improving portfolios, brand storylines and marketing processes to cost reduction and R&D project management.


Dedicated to finding the right path to growth for your business.

Market Research | Business Case Development | Strategy Proposal | Initiative Resourcing | Change Implementation


Product Management

Driving profit with the right products for your customer base.

Product Positioning | Development Roadmaps| Value Propositions| Product Commercialisation

Cost Management

Optimising the portfolio to reduce unnecessary costs whilst minimising customer impact.

Complexity Reduction | Supplier Change


Marketing Activation

Reaching your customer through online and offline methods.

Brand Identity| Messaging | Online & Offline tools | Event Planning

Sales Activation

Bringing your strategy to life through an engaged sales team.

Training | Sales Tools | CRM Activation

Digital Transformation

Implementing digital tools to optimise key business processes.

CRM Implementation | Marketing Automation

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Latest Updates

Like my overflowing closets at home, every product range needs a good clear out periodically. The range grows over time and what fit the portfolio in the past, may not suit any longer. And like the Marie-Kondo method, the key is sort by category and rather than line by line.

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In the Netherlands, like most countries in the world, women make up the majority of the population at 50.4% but only hold 11.7% of board level positions and 24.9% of management roles – the situation is similar in most developed countries. There are many complicated reasons for this, and likeability bias is one of them.

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You’ve recently launched an amazing new product which blows the competitive offering out of the water. Despite this you start to notice that the sales team still haven’t told their customers about it and you begin to wonder “what went wrong?”

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